• Last: Womxn (Låpsley) Now: Anxiety (kiwi) (Jupita) Next: It Hurts Me Too (First Aid Kit)
  • Last: Womxn (Låpsley) Now: Anxiety (kiwi) (Jupita) Next: It Hurts Me Too (First Aid Kit)
  • Last: Womxn (Låpsley) Now: Anxiety (kiwi) (Jupita) Next: It Hurts Me Too (First Aid Kit)

The Resilient Show

Welcome to The Resilient Show. I am honoured call New Zealand my home, a stunning land with a wealth of cultures and histories, but we all have one thing in common, too often we question the value we bring.  We wonder at our worth and this is becoming an increasing challenge in our family and communities.  ‘The Resilient Show brings those quiet fears and worries about coping into the open. Facing those challenges now rather than dealing with, addictions, anxiety, depression, mental health and suicide when it’s already too late.

Human beings have arrived in the 21st century because we are Resilient. In this world of ‘instant gratification’, I believe we have forgotten our untapped depths of Resilience. The great thing is we don’t have to look that far. My mission is to guide millions of people back to that place.  To a place where lives change from struggle to success – and that success and joy grows beyond anything you can imagine into a fulfilled life. This is gnarly stuff; don’t worry The Resilient Show is a place of humour, interviews, book-reviews and a shocking personal selection of music.  A very-warm welcome to anyone who would like to contribute to the programme and share their ideas and stories. Let’s promote our uniqueness and the power that brings to our community.

The Resilient show airs Friday morning at 9.30, with a replay the following Wednesday morning at 5.30.

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